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Zebra festival Part 2

Act 3: More building

Just as any big festival, we wanted banners. A lot of them and several of them across the street so any unsuspecting motorists would be alerted to us. Naturally, the job of putting them into place fell to me and a handful of fellow idiots.

Believe it or not, but this picture depicts the exact moment when we discovered the banner was to short and we needed string to put it into place. I can even now hear Teun's cry of despair "Its to short!!!" when he was faced with an oncoming bus.



Eventually though we did manage to put the thing up.

A job well done, if I do say so myself.




Remember those wood cutouts we discovered stashed away in the first article? Me neither. But some dumb asshole decided they would look great on the ceiling of our great dancing hall.

Personally I thought they looked like decorations fashioned by small children with mental handicaps. But I didn't point this out. Perhaps I should have...

I assumed responsibility of building the entrance. Having botched it up completely the first time, I decided to construct the final entrance a bit like a prison entrance, with tall fences and intimidating guards with shotguns. I was allowed the fences, not the guards. Spoilsports.



We continued the shouty nazi prison theme with the rest of our staff. While most of us were busy working to get the place into some sort of festival shape, Giel practiced on his Nazi speeches.

Credit where credit is due, he was actually very good at it. Almost scarily good.



Then the moment had come! At the end of the day, after our final briefing where we were told to stop behaving like idiots and act like grownups we were given cards with which we could drink without limit. We were allowed anything for the duration of the festival, food and drink.

That brought something of a smile to my face. With hindsight, it was a bit maniacal.


After two days of building, briefings and banner botching we were almost ready to open up. All we needed was a good night's sleep and set our mind's to festival mode.

To be continued...


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