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Zebra 2008

Act 6: The days after..

Just like any story that has been drawn over far to long a period and really isn't that good to begin with, this one will have a disappointing ending. Mostly because the activities after a festival all revolve around being incredibly tired and cleaning up. Stuff.

This is where Bart set up his not-so-mobile command post from which to shout orders at his minions. The minions (being US) proceeded to ignore his barely lucid calls for labor and drank a lot of Coca Cola in order to regain some sort of self awareness.

Basically, my thoughts hadn't quite left the insane Saturday night quite yet.



Luckily there were professional people to clean up the lights, sound stuff and mirror balls. Almost none of them ended up in the bushes to be rescued by us. Hours later. When we finally got around to it.



 Eventually, Bart did get up from his work bench, if only to drive our fork lift into the bushes. We needed a tractor to get the damn thing back out again. Good job Bart. You will be remembered for this. Not for your tireless 6 day labor or the fact that you almost single handedly kept the entire festival running. No, you'll be remembered because on the last day you drove the fork lift into the bushes. Glorious.

And after this day it was all over. The grounds looked like we had started out with them. The people were gone. The booze was gone. Everyone was gone.

It had been a week of work, plain and simple. Hard work. It also confiscated a week of my vacation. Would I do it again? Go through the madness again?

Yup. It was awesome.


The Zebra festival ruled!



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