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Air hockey!

I didn't update for a while and when I check my statistics I can see that I still have some 20 unique visitors every day. That may not seem as much but frankly, its pretty much what I was hoping for. A small group of people who read my stuff and comment me on it every time they see me. Things are as they should be.

In all honesty, I was loafing around. While this may not come as a surprise it was to me. I'm actually not someone who can loaf around for any period of time as I start feeling guilty about not doing something after a while. So I start filling my time with useless things. There are a great many useless things to do when you have the time.

The most important thing I discovered this past weekend was that Gemert has an air hockey table. This is actually an extremely fun game, especially when drunk and its played against someone else who is drunk. Suffice to say, we played a lot.

And this is the air hockey table in all his fluorescent pink glory. I have no idea how many euro's I've already put in here or how many will follow but I know that sooner or later, I will start winning. You're going down, Tim!!

The only drawback in this game is the sheer physical factor. Its hard work, both in eye hand coordination and in extending your arm far enough to reach the damn disk that just skids all over the table like crazy. Add to this the fact that we're usually very drunk when we play this and you get one hell of a sore body the next day. It matters not, we shall play until the end of beers.

I did a lot of useless things besides this one but frankly, they're just not as interesting to write about...


Air hockey rules!


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