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Atatürk the badass

Right in between the endless drama surrounding the revelation by Peter R de Vries about Natalee Holloway, which by now must have traveled the world a dozen times over I read a news message that annoyed me a great deal more.

Turkey has put a ban on YouTube, the world's biggest movie database. The reason? An insulting film, created by some Greeks in which it is implied that the founder of the Turkish nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was in fact, gay. This led to a storm of protest, the burning of Greek flags and an outburst of patriotism in Turkey and, naturally, dozens of pro-Turkey video's on YouTube. The government then decides to ban YouTube in order to stop the slandering of their national hero.


This is the worst possible thing the Turkish government could do. What the hell do they have to be so angry about? Are they ashamed of Atatürk that they want to remove any medium that could insult him? Are they unsure about him? Does he deserve the place as national hero? Why remove a medium in this way if you feel that nothing could possibly do damage to him and his image?

The Turkish have got nothing to be ashamed of and nor could any stupid insulting gay movie ever do damage to his image The facts of his life speak for themselves. Atatürk has been my personal hero ever since I visited Turkey and entered his mausoleum.

Let me give you a short summoning of the most badass moments of his life:

- The British and French launched a massive invasion of the Dardanelle islands in 1915 in order to capture the important route to the Black sea. Colonel Atatürk (then still called Mustafa Kemal) rallied the Turks and stopped the invading troops in their tracks. He defeated 2 of Europe's major powers.

-In the two years following that he became commander of several Turkish armies and stopped yet another enemy advance at Aleppo, defeating yet more of Europe's finest.

-He couldn't prevent the loss of the war but then on may 19th 1919 Mustafa Kemal landed at the port of Samsun and started the war of independence against the occupying Greek and European armies. He ignored the sultan, raised an army and declared his own state.

-He then proceeded to kick the ass of the French, British, Greeks and politely asked the Americans to get the hell of his peninsula. In 1922 he decisively defeated the Greeks and captured their commanders.

-He abolished the Ottoman dynasty and became president of a new republic. Incredibly, he didn't grab all power but handed it over to the parliament.

-He took to single handedly reforming the republic, built a new capital city, abolished all Muslim laws, gave equal rights to men and women, changed the alphabet and the national clothing, advanced arts, agriculture, industry and science.

- He created a whole new legal, governmental and educational system and separated church and state.

-After a sickbed of a few months he died of liver cirrhoses. A disease caused by drinking way to much alcohol. He drank himself to death.


Uhm, Holy crap? Defeating Europe's major powers, reforming an entire state, separating church and state, reforming the freaking alphabet and giving men and women equal rights in the 1920's and being an allround serious badass motherfucker who's stern face can now still be seen in every single train station in Turkey!

"Mess with me and you're dead!"

Seriously, anyone who can do all those things and still find time to drink himself to death is my hero forever. How can the Turks possibly get annoyed about anyone making fun of this man? His awesomeness transcends him above any scorn, humor and insults. This is history's Chuck Norris and without the stupid beard and fitness commercials! 

So I say, let those dumbass Greeks make all the fun they want. Their glory days were in antiquity with men in skirts throwing sharpened sticks at each other. Turkey's glory came when steel clad battleships started raining high explosive death on Galipoli and Atatürk stood firm against them. When the French, British and Australian hordes descended on Turkey he held them back.

And no YouTube movie will ever change that.


Atatürk rules!


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