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Right, after a hiatus of some 4 weeks normal accident prone service has been resumed. And about bloody time too. Sucksornot.com has already gained me on google when you search for sucksornot.Gods, I hate sucksornot.com so much.....

Anyway, there was a very good explanation for my prolonged absence and that's my sheer level of incompetence around computers. When my new one was finally installed it worked like a dream, to my enormous surprise. The only thing that went awry was that the firewall wouldn't allow any files from filezilla to be uploaded to the site server. And that sucked. I tried my usual solutions first. ignoring it, calling it names and trying to ignore it until it went away. None of these helped, surprisingly. Then, I started checking out forums to see what could be wrong.

Eventually the problem solved itself as I bungled around with the settings of filezilla until it worked. No idea how I solved it but it worked. Yeeah.

So, we're moving on where I left off. Only with a slightly changed index and more pictures to attract your feeble minds into reading more. Muhahaha.


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