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Its the greatest culinary activity on the face of the earth. Its the pinnacle of human culture and the culmination of all we have learned these past millennia.

The concept is so simple. So deceptively simple that its amazing that we thought of it. make a fire, hang meat over it, drink beer and have fun. That's pretty much all there is to it but somehow it works. It works and its guaranteed to be good.

Naturally I talk about a good old fashioned coal fed barbecue. The primitive device used by our ancestors to barbecue meat just as we do it today. I want a barbecue to primitive that its just a steel rack with a place for the coal and a grid to put the meat on. That rocks.

I know there are gas barbecues out there. They're convenient I'm sure. They're also gay as hell. Many things that are convenient are gay. Like taking a toilet break during a good movie or saying you don't like beer and getting up the next morning without a hangover. All terribly convenient and all terribly gay.

I want a man's barbecue! The kind where you have to prepare your coal mix a day ahead to ensure it burns perfectly. Mix it with to much alcohol and it singes your eyebrows off, use to little and you get nothing but wet coal.

Here's the lesson for today kids and you better remember it well.

Alcohol is a barbecuing man's best friend!!


Barbecue rocks!


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