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I don't like it when things change. I like the things as they are. No fancy stuff. No unexpected turns . That's the way its supposed to be.

Any change in my surrounding is met with suspicion, a little fear and if necessary a whole lot of aggression.

This is one such change:

No its not just a can of ice tea lemon. Its the bringer of chaos, the key  to the path of ruin, the changer of ways! In short, for me this can represents nothing less but unmitigated


If this can is allowed to prosper in the fridge in the Goblin then there's no telling what other things may change. A new building, a new owner, a new dog? Where will it end? Will it end?

Yes I know what you think by now. Its another one of my stupid short raving articles with no point except to insult people. However, it isn't. This is.


Think about it. Change really isn't all that good for the human nature. We like things the way they are. We made them this way and so there must be something good about them. Change should be a gradual process, over an extended period of time to give our primitive brains time to adapt to the new surrounding. Often it isn't that. Some asshole can give a bad speech, slap a piece of paper in your hands and call you a graduated teacher, even though you still feel as incompetent as a sack of potatoes, knowing full well that you won't ever see most of your old classmates ever again, except for the occasional game of poker.

A new type of drink in the fridge in a store you've visited for years is not a disaster in itself. Rather then that its a symbol. A symbol of a changing world around us. A symbol of how the time doesn't stop for anyone and keeps on going in its relentless pass, trampling on the rights of mortal men and laughing in the face of all of us.

Ice tea lemon will therefore always stand as a symbol of evil for me.


Change sucks!



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