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4 reasons why its a bad idea to add a forum to a website

People tell me to add a forum to this site. Several people have even gone as far as to tell me REPEATEDLY to add a forum to this website.

I have visited some forums occasionally. Most of the experiences there have ended in either annoying disappointment or entertaining disappointment. For me, there's no middle road. Forums suck.

And here's the reasons why. 4 of them in fact. That's how many I could come up with in those somewhat boring scenes before Megatron and Optimus Prime start fighting. Yeah, I'm watching Transformers again.

4. To many nonsense topics

People spout all kinds of rubbish on forums. They got opinions on everything but most of the time you wish from whatever God is listening that they didn't. There's opinions and there's unfounded shouting of 'Bush sucks!!' and on forums those two are often the exact same thing.

3. To many forum users start very annoying fights

The weirdest internet experience I ever had was when my imaginary nation on Western-europe.info had a war with another nation and I actually found myself in a fight with the German person who played it. It was a real fight with bad language and for a while I considered driving to whatever German place he was living and kicking his ass which I considered a plausible idea since he was a military medic and we all know medics are fucking pussies.

The point is that for many people the Internet is a very real place to get into fights with other people and forums are the chosen battlegrounds. Come on people. If you want to fight other people, go to a bar and slam someone with a broken beer bottle. Please. Do it for the children. They visit the internet too you know!

2. No website maker ever takes the trouble to make his forum look good

Building a forum is stupidly easy. So easy in fact that you can be done in minutes after which you can go watch Comedy Central again. Unsurprisingly this is exactly what every website builder with half a brain will do. As a result most forums are simply the basic standard design that the forum provider gives you. Easy, quick and most of the time, ugly.

1. No website maker ever wants or needs feedback

No website builder ever wants feedback that consists of anything else but 'You are great'. It is a proven fact of life that website builders cannot deal with negative feedback in any way. The reason for that is that they don't have to.

Everyone has to deal with feedback, both good and bad, quite often. At your job, at your gym club, at home, at school or wherever, there will always be people who tell you if you suck at something. People enjoy putting you down because it makes them feel better about themselves and you have to suck it up and deal with it on a daily basis.

Not with your own website. If people even bother to write you e-mails (despite the fact that I have now close to 40 unique visitors each day very few of these send me e-mails about how much I either suck or rule and for that I thank you all) you don't have to read them or do anything with their criticism. You live in your own realm and can do away with any negative remarks by using these prized classics:

-Build your own website then!

-I'm not your monkey. Fuck off.

-I don't see you do any better.

-You don't have to read it.

-Go back to Georgia and suck a landmine!

-Go fuck yourself. (timeless classic for any situation)

-Your mother is a whore and I hope your entire family dies in horrible nuclear holocaust.

Ok, that last is a bit excessive and I've actually only used it once on someone who kinda annoyed me. Sorry about that, dude..

Anyway, while it is of course very true that you don't have to read anything on any website and can simply go elsewhere feedback should occasionally be appreciated, as long as it is sensible and non-abusive. That said, if you don't like this article you can go fuck yourself in nuclear holocaust.

Forums suck.


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