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Good music

I'm more and more realizing that there is just a small selection of music out there that I really like.

Oh sure, I can listen to a lot of music and I've been to quite a few bands when they come close enough to where I live.

However, I only call myself a fan of a small handful of bands out there. Why is that? Why aren't there more bands that can play to the senses?

It leads me to the question,


What makes good music?

Good music just plays to your senses. Its hard to explain but it makes the fibers of your body react in a unified way. Its like you know exactly how to respond to these impulses, even when you never heard it before. Its an instinct, it plays to our deepest and oldest brain parts. Its a feeling that's different to everyone.

For me its guitars, drums, trumpets and piano's. Those instruments together can lead to some of the most ear flattering sounds ever. Any music that has no guitars better have a damn good tune to it or I'll vomit over it straight away.

That's why I can only spend about half an hour in a club. That's why I walked out on my friends in Ghent in that god awful hole of random pre programmed electronic sounds. That's why I spend the final hours of my vacation in Ghent all alone in a place where they had guitar music . I just can't take any music that's not made by guitars for very long and I'll make any sacrifice necessary to get away from it.

Give me some Rolling stones any day. I don't care that they're 60+ now, they still make good music. That's a lot more then I can say of most bands in the hit lists.

 Of course, I still hope that Stephan makes it to the really big time one day. He's the guy who considered making a cover of the 'terrible thunder lizards' theme song. You rock!

Stephan, part time rock hero and part time supermarket employee

Anyway, Jumpstyle, hardcore, thunderdome, whatever. Don't bother me with it. I don't care and don't expect me to respect that noise. I won't. Its stupid, its brain numbing and everyone who listens to it on a regular basis ends up dumber.

My distaste of most new music doesn't come from me being old, it comes from me still using my brain when listening to music and still being able to judge what I like and what I hate.

In conclusion, good music is made by people with feeling for their instruments and who practiced a lot to get where they are. Showmen, skilled men with a passion for music, with a passion for entertainment and who dare to go where few people dare,

on that stage.



Good music rules!

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