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A movie review by Frank 'Oppose me and die!' Manders, with a little editing and a few additions by ME!!!!!.




Will Smith as superhero!!  HmÖ Not really his style so farÖ And I'm being ironic as Will Smith has probably explored the role of superhero more thoroughly then anyone else. He already saved us from dangerous aliens in 3 separate movies, rescued the United States from a dude with a giant metal spider and kept the world safe from deadly robots.

But amazingly he still did a decent job here....

 He gave the superhero streak of the last few years something to think about. The powers have gone to his head, but Hancock is still a good guy. He cares little for al the damages that he does, is constantly drunk, and generally an as. The story ainít to deep, but itís decent enough, and has no major flaws.

 As the movie starts, he gets woken up by a kid who shows him a chase is on. Eventually he flies of drunk and stops the chase by parking the criminals on top of a spike on top of a building.

The way he saves his co star is equally brutal, but thatís his styleÖ His opponent is about as annoying an Martin Lawrence and that's saying something. But heís a crucial part of the story and pulls it of great. And the way the people complain about Hancockís save is really all American.

 But then Hancock is getting sued  for the damages he did to the city while rescuing people. Hancock of course does not give a damn, but the last dude he saved happens to be a public relations guy talks him into going to the court and eventually to go to jail. Hancock of course has a run in with a few inmates who his actions have put there, and handles it in his usual style. I wonít spoil the way, but itís funnyÖ.

 While in prison Hancoch getís a little PR training, and as crime rates spike in the city heís eventually asked to come and help out. Now housetrained he does little damage to the city and becomes more popular.

Also the story is now revealed how he became a superhero. However, this is all so rampantly stupid that you shouldn't watch it. Yeah, here's my top tip: walk out after the big bank scene. The rest is all tripe. Trust me.

Still,  all in all a decent film, and worth seeing.

 Now for the Ironsideís.

 2 severed limbs on 2 occasions an one person.                          Thatís one.

Charlize Theron will do as representation of the fairer sex.           Thatís two.

And I think that in general the human race is well represented.     Thatís three.

 Minus one thatís two Ironsideís.   and it really does not deserve more. Itís entertaining, but no way near excellent.



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