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Headset issues

I really hate computers. It took me hours to figure out how to start a website in the first place. It took me another few hours to make a freaking simple layout and the holy grail of it all, how to upload the lot of it, eluded me for days. Seriously. Days.

It should come to no shock then that I'm utterly hopeless at doing stuff like installing a headset for my World of warcraft raids. Actually, that's saying it to mild. I'm beyond hopeless with these things. I consider them the source of all evil and frustration in the world.

So when I finally couldn't get around to owning one I wasn't fooled by the myth that it was 'plug and play' because that just isn't so. With me its always 'plug and then screw around until something happens' which is infinitely more demanding to the nerves

Luckily, I quickly figured out that this wasn't the proper way to wear the damn thing.

As expected the 'plug and play' promise quickly proved to be a lie. The microphone was showing no signs of life. Right. No problem. Surely a bit of fiddling with the volume controls and the settings would sort that out without much issues. Obviously I was wrong.

After more then an hour I still couldn't get a damn microphone to work. Raargh! You miserable piss poor source of never ending misery! Stop tormenting me with your evil and start working you cocksucking piece of lard!

Obviously I needed a bit more help to subdue this particular troublesome machine. An object that has helped Microsoft users all around the world for years.

My Bill Gates voodoo doll! I'd show that troublesome microphone who was boss now. No piece of technology has been able to resist seeing needles pushed into a doll representing their all powerful technological overlord for very long.

And true enough, after another few minutes of fiddling, the Bill Gates voodoo doll (and some help from a friend) secured victory! I could finally talk to other people over the internet! Success! Me: 1. Headset: zero!


Computers still suck!



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