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People I hate

Last Saturday I have met 3 people who for various reasons have annoyed the crap out of me. It seems fitting to me that I mention them here in order to ease my burning hatred for them.


- JJ. While I was in the process of getting stone drunk on a mattress in the city of Tilburg, surrounded by complete strangers and with no visible escape route JJ introduced himself to me, clearly announcing that he was called JJ. In Holland its not usual to announce yourself like that and so I informed him I wouldn't be calling him JJ as that's a name for gun toting, psychopathic Americans with genocidal and sex related obsessive tendencies. (I actually know a JJ with all those characteristics via a role-play forum). Instead, I decided to call him Jaap. 

Why did this person insist I called him JJ? I don't know and I don't care but my evening would have been a lot less stupid if he hadn't been around


- Mark-Patrick. Another double-named asshole blundered his way into my evening just a few hours later. Introducing himself as Mark-patrick and immediately mentioning that he was a professional piano player, this poor excuse of a human being proceeded to belittle the great musicians of times gone by (Vivaldi, Bach, Boy George) and saying all their work was easy to play. There's nothing I hate more then an arrogant piano player and thank god I wasn't alone in that. He was promptly burned to the ground by a friend of mine and we made  sure he left the room whilst yelling BOOOO a lot. He got the hint. We never saw him again. Asshole.


-Anonymous asshole with headband

The only asshole I managed to take a picture from (if across the room and vaguely blurry) this first rate idiot made a fool of himself during a lottery in Games Workshop The Hague where I was before I became drunk in Tilburg by just failing to shut up for a moment. He yelled, he made noise, and he didn't even have the common courtesy of getting hit by a car afterwards. There is no justice in the world.

If you're the asshole who made all warhammer players look like idiots and you recognize yourself from this picture then please, sir, do the world a favor and become a hermit. I hear Tibet is nice this time of year.

Seriously though, what is up with people acting as complete idiots? Was there a outbreak of an idiot virus this weekend that I was not aware of? Really, I wanna know. What the fuck was going on??


Idiots suck!


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