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The infinite look

Ok, so I've known this guy for 4,5 years. You'd think I'd get used to his endless dribble, his maniacal cynicism and his unrelenting contempt for his fellow human beings. 

All that is fine. Human beings are idiots, cynicism is good and endless dribble is something I admire to no end. I even believe that I have learned a thing or two from this man.

However, even he can push things to far. And he has.

This is a picture from Rubenov.nl. A site of no interest at all where some loser tries to sell his paltry designer skills to the larger audience. However there he is!

Check that look. Check it!!

That's his infinite look. The look that he used for the past 4,5 years every time he did ANYTHING AT ALL!

I tolerated that look for two consecutive trips to various countries, during colleges about various subjects and during boozing sessions of various lengths. He used it all the time! Especially when some jackass pointed a camera at him.

You have no idea what happened during our trip to Turkey..... It was as if there was one continuous photo shoot going on for Roel. A photo shoot where the infinite look was mandatory. Mandatory by punishment of death!

Don't believe me? Check this photo, where Roel was clearly enjoying his upcoming chance to engage in involuntary manlove in a crowded airport.

Right! Its the infinite look!! It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter when. He uses it all the time, wherever, whenever.

He's a born soap actor and relished in every chance he gets. Its in his blood. He can't help it.

However, to me and to the rest of the world:

The infinite look SUCKS!!!!


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