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Vacation in april

A week vacation in april. Its something most working people can only dream about unless they're willing to spend their valuable days off. For teachers though, its a week of pure glory for we don't sacrifice anything and gain everything. A world of free time.

I'm being dramatic. At any rate it gives me some time to write some updates right in between the incredibly stressful weeks of the end of ther schoolyear. I swear, I was working so bloody hard it was almost like I was having a regular job!

So what do teachers spend a week of vacation doing? Everyone we know is working so we need to find other ways to amuse ourselves. For me, its down to writing the articles I dodn't have time for during work. Starting with:


The long journey home

On tuesday night I play world of warcraft with some friends. I like to hold on to this newly created tradition and this created a problem. I also had a little celebration for easter at school (this was a little while ago). This little get together would involve some casual talking, a few beers and perhaps some food.

That's not what happened.

I'm getting to understand the mind of the teachers at my school a little to closely. What was supposed to be a little get together turned out to be well, just that. There wqere just 6 people. But they were all there for one reason and that was to drink. A lot. There was actually a drinking contest and I haven't been at one of those in years. All this glorious drinking was followed by this:

Everyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist a good meat buffet. Especially if meat is the only thing there is to eat. Vegetables are for losers. Vegetables are disgusting abboritions against nature that we should have exterminated long ago. Meat is the only food we need. Meat and beer.

It took me a hell of a lot of time to pull myself free from the meat buffet, say goodbye and stammer out. By this time it was only 6 in the evening but I felt like I had been drinking for 4 solid hours. Oh wait, I had been drinking for 4 solid hours. In the blistering sun. With no water in between drinks. My world was a bit strange by this point.

I may have tilted the camera for dramatic effect but you get the idea. It was a small miracle I got to the bus, let alone be coherent enough to tell the dude where I needed to go. But most annoyingly, there was a talky lady in front of me who just yammered on about something I couldn't make out. I couldn't make it out because the woman was talking at almost superhuman wave lengts, the kind only dogs are normally able to hear.

Eventually the screeching witch got the hell out of my way and I settled down. Everyone who has ever been through it knows that a bus ride can be fucking terrifying if you're really on your way to the island of puking due to excessive alcohol consumption. There's nowhere to go, the thing makes jerky motions and people say stupid things and they smell weird.

A view of pure horror

Naturally, the bus had to take a detour in order to avoid a roadblock and a scary new thought hit my brain like a sack of damn flour. I wasn't gonna make my bus connection. There was another carriage of doom waiting for me at the train station of Eindhoven and I wouldn't make it. The screeching witch from the east and the detour would make sure of it. Swearing crap in all languages I know I tried to call one of my World of warcraft buddies to tell them I would be late. I'm not sure they really understood me but it was irrelevant anyway. I was screwed. Stuck with a blurry vision, a bladder quickly filling up with beer residue and a screeching witch who had found someone else to put a curse on behind me.

Eventually I did arrive at the station and found it unsurprisingly lacking my bus. I had indeed missed it. Since it was easter I had to wait a full hour to catch the next one. Calling more people to voice my discontent and getting strangely mixed responses I decided I might as well go shop for some dvd's. I do that when I'm bored or displeased. I buy stuff. The sheer volume of my dvd and book collection might by now be an indication that I'm indeed a bored and frustrated man.

I found the nearest giagantic dvd store and marched in as quick as my strangely weak legs would go, which wasn't fast. Along the way I got several more calls most of which didn't make sense or I couldn't really understand. I may have given some incoherent replies but really, I was moving into a whole other level of communication by now. The sun, the piles of meat and the beer was taking its awesome toll.

I was starting at this section for almost half an hour. Eventually I decided to take a picture as it would last me longer.

Realising that staring at dvd's is one heck of a way to pass time I needed to head back. I picked one movie that had a picture of a robotic zombie dude on the back which made me chuckle and went to pay with barely an incident. On an unrelated note, the escalators in the media markt in Eindhoven are fucking death traps.

I have got to write a review about this one some day..

The last leg of my long journey home is blurry. My telephone quit on me so I was done with taking pictures. Somehow I made it back to the station and made my bus in time. As expected the bus trip was murder and damnnation but I made it. I logged on and we were set to go

I may have fallen asleep half way the bloody instance. I don't know. Whatever.


Beer rules. Public transport sucks. Buying dvd's rules. WoW still sucks.


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