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Sucksornot.info favorite links:

I have decided to share my most visited links with you, the rest of the internet. Some you may know already, some may be completely knew. In any case, enjoy surfing!


The best American humor site out there. Updated every day and always awesome.


Probably the only blog I find worthy of visiting regularly. Updated so often you wonder if the writer has any life at all.

Church of satan

Because it makes me smile.


The site of my Warhammer club. All round great guys.



One of the best web comics I know.


The best site in the world (Maddox)

One of the most cynical and bitter writers ever to disgrace the internet. And he's also incredibly funny. Too bad he doesn't update as often as he used to...



A comic about Halflife 2. Really very funny.


Western Europe

A role-playing game of nations. It has seen better days but was very cool in its day. Dunno, maybe this link helps to get new players ^^



Funny game where you build your own nation. Western Europe was linked to this.


Least I Could Do

Yet another very funny web comic


Games Workshop

Some call this site holy ground, others the place of devil worship. Whatever is true for you, warhammer is still awesome.


Weebl & Bob

Flash cartoons about 2 eggs. So funny I once ruptured a lung.


Looking For Group

Brilliantly drawn web comic that reminds of World of Warcraft.


Turnsignals on a land raider

Comic about warhammer 40.000. It really has its moments.


Strongbad's email

Flash cartoons about a man in a mexican wrestling mask who answers his fan mail. Hilarious at times. Brilliant at others.


World War 2 miniature game

Yahoo group of people who devised their own World war 2 game. Based on Warhammer and perfectly brilliant.



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