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Recently I've been working 50 hour weeks in order to pay for my vacation and car. It was a enlightening experience and one I don't really care to repeat.

Has anyone noticed how all managers seem to be either people you never see or hugely incompetent people? I have. I have seen two types of managers in all my working years and I think that's a rather disturbing trend.

First, you have the manager you never see. He either locks himself in his office and pretends to be busy while he's really playing solitaire or minesweeper or he doesn't bother to show up at all, claiming he works at a different location while he's really busy stuffing his face with McDonalds burgers (true story). This type of manager can be a huge pain in the ass, because when he does show up he comments on EVERYTHING and you better be working or you're gonna get it! His absence usually means a rampant lack of knowledge which leads to the second type:

The hugely incompetent manager does show himself from time to time but its never a pleasant experience. He either has no working experience in the work he's managing or he's firmly convinced that telling people to 'work faster' will actually make them work faster. It doesn't, jackass! It only makes them pissed that their work isn't appreciated and they're far more likely to join a union because of it! These people PISS me off so much I can barely describe it with words. Stupid, ignorant dumb morons with their suits, their ties and their god awful laugh and their tendency to tell you how drunk they got last day, whatever day of the week it is. We get it, ok? You're rich and we're not. Just wait when the communist revolution comes, asshole. You're on my enemy list and I'll be damned sure to add you to the list of enemies of the people when comrade Stalin returns to his people!

Right, anyway... managers suck. They piss me off. You get the idea.

In all honesty, there's a third type of manager. The good one. The one who passes all employees each morning and wishes them good morning, who listens to their problems and who actually comes up with solutions when you're stuck. I've only met this type of guy once but he's great. I wish there were more like him.

Still, most of them suck.


Managers suck!


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