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Maximum Overdrive

A golden oldie from the venerable year 1986, a classic tale of role reversal and romance under stress. A timeless tale of heroism vs cowardice, wisdom vs stupidity and man vs machine.

Well, that's what it could have been  had the script not been so unbelievably poorly written that we have ended up with one incomprehensible, unfunny, un scary scene right after the other.

For instance, a gas station attendant gets diesel in his face, a bible salesman gets knocked in a ditch, 2 bridge employees exchange dumb hick one liners for a minute, a truck with a large plastic goblin on the front becomes the main villain and what in the name of all that's holy is that little gun kart thing?

Seriously, look at the picture on top. What the hell is that? A wooden board with a machine gun on it? With no protection for the driver or the gunner? I would sooner mount a gun on a Volkswagen!

This movie sucks pretty bad, even though it manages to score a few points on the Michael Ironside scoreboard. There's a kid being run over by a steamroller, which breaks with most genre conventions and people lose limbs ( not to mention, get splat by trucks)

But even with a premise as cool as machines coming to life, success is far from guaranteed. The characters are all way to stupid to amount to anything and the script (if we can call it that) is so full of gaping plot holes that you could send a battalion of soldiers through it.

So, reluctantly, one MI for meeting at least some of the demands for a cool movie.



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