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The gigantic picture below is the cover of a stratetic board game I came across recently. Look at it for a moment and figure out for yourself what seems odd to you.



I'm sure you noticed it and if not, you're an idiot. I imagine it to be kinda hard to miss that on this picture the US army is apparently


Do you know what the survival rating of a paratrooper is in open water? They die in minutes. That's why Erwin Rommel ordered a whole lot of French fields to be flooded, in order to drown as many Americans as he could before any fighting would start. And what fool would drop paratroopers in broad daylight anyway? And on a beach that is apparently swarming with soldiers already? 

Our youth is ignorant as it is and now this game wants to make you believe that Rommel shouldn't have bothered flooding anything as the US army was dropping its finest troops into the sea to drown or to be killed to high powered landing boats!

Whichever dumb idiot designed this should be send for flogging and hanging! Luckily we have a place for that....

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