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Its my first page from the future!!

I arrived safely in England and have immediately proceeded to all sorts of alcoholic debauchery and warhammer activities. Life is good here.

Life is good back home too and there's always a healthy number of people who go and post idiotic movies on forums worldwide. Here's one that was actually quite funny. About Murlocs.

I love the 'embed'option. makes it look like I know what I'm doing with this site. Now watch it.




Yes, Murlocs. Anyone who has ever played world of warcraft knows these little critters. They're the most successful life form on the planet. They're everywhere. They make that irritating rwlrwl sound when they attack and whoever conceived this race of fishmen was either a genius or a madman. Seeing as how he works for Blizzard, I'd say both.

Right, enough ramblings from the future. More news from the future in a few days!!


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