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Ocean's 13

This is one of those times that I wish I hadn't based my movie rating system on acts of physical violence. Ocean's 13 is a really good, funny and entertaining movie and it doesn't meet any of the requirements for a MI rating...

First of all, the actors are just great fun to watch. Its a large group of men who really didn't need any introduction after the first two movies and so don't get any. The story basically revolves around George Clooney and his band getting revenge on a evil hotel keeper (played by Al Pacino) who send one of their own to the hospital. Around halfway they meet old enemy Andy Garcia who helps them out.

Its the complete lack of real content that saves this movie. Had we seen any sort of personal drama or attempts to give more depth to any of the characters this movie would have failed miserably. Now we have just 2 hours of fun, shenanigans and capers, all in the name of revenge, with a comic twist.

Its always a great pleasure to see Al Pacino in action and I wondered why I hadn't added him to my list of cool actors before. He single handedly earns this movie its MI.

So, one MI because it just isn't the kind of blockbuster overly -violent movie we've come to expect. Its great as long as it lasts and you remember this movie about as long as it takes to walk back to your car. Still, its a lot of fun and that's what its about. Nuff said.



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