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The new fright

I found my new arch nemesis. A new mortal terror more frightening then anything I've encountered before. Its more numerous then anything before and I didn't have anything or anyone to hide behind apart.

The things in question are called parents and to me they're somewhat akin to a zombie apocalypse in my classroom.

We allow this disorderly mob of seemingly random people at our school a few times a year to account for the things that we do to their sons and daughters and since I'm a mentor this year I had to face quite a lot of them and answer their most heinous questions to the best of my meager question answering ability.

Now normally I'd bluff my way through something like that. No problem. But these things are different... they somehow know if you're not being honest. They know if you're nervous. They sense a wrong answer. They know. They can smell your fear. They feed upon it.

For the sake of the group process I triumphed over my severe vertigo and abseiled down a cliff. I walked up a mountain and didn't even flinch before the students I was leading despite my burning lungs. I even put on a helmet and did something terrifying called 'mountain biking' (which really should be renamed torture biking) but all those things didn't scare me nearly as much as facing a group of zombie-parents bombarding me with questions about the future of their offspring.

Parents fucking scare me. They seem to know the year guide of the school better then I do. They also seem to have a far grasp of just how crappy the school system is then I do. They know every fault we might ever make. They know all traps we might walk into and they know everything teachers could ever possibly do wrong and rub it in our faces like a baboon smears feces all over a chosen mate. They know all!!!

Its fucking scary and I'm glad I got out of there alive.

Parents suck!

"Raaargh. See you in december!! raaaargh...."



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