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Planet Terror

One problem in World of warcraft is that there are a lot of jerks around. And once you let a jerk take charge bad things can happen. That way I found myself no longer welcome in a guild raid.

Good thing I hadn't watched 'planet terror' yet or I might have been annoyed.

Planet terror is the second movie in the 'Grindhouse' feature devised by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez, 2 partners in the good business of insane movie making. I lament the fact that there are only so few movie makers who can make the kind of movies that Planet terror is and get away with it in Hollywood because Planet Terror is everything you could ever possibly want in zombies. Uhm, I mean movies. Sorry, kinda trailer off there...

I could be brutally short about this one but where would the fun in that be? This movie is just one chunk of awesome stacked on top of the next and you're gonna read about it!

Right, first the story. Apparently some gangsters have stolen a mutating virus and military dude Bruce Willis messes up the rescue operation and gets zombie virus sprayed all over a small town. Soon, almost ridiculously soon, the virus unleashes all kind of horrible stereotypes over the hapless villagers as they go hunting for... can you guess it?


Right, cue the mandatory things every zombie movie needs: ripped off body parts, shambling hordes, swollen faces, killed children and randomly obliterated animals on the road. Holy crap, this movie has it all and then some! Its almost as flagrantly disturbed as Peter Jacksons early work and that featured preachers getting impaled on fences and bloodthirsty rat-monkeys.

What I like best about this though id the way it was filmed. Like Death proof  it's made to look old and grindy which is pretty damn cool for a zombie film. Every single actor is acting like they've been to the Brian Blessed school of ridiculous overacting, but  again, for a zombie movie its pretty damn cool. And once you've seen the scene where Quentin himself loses his private parts due to zombie rot, well you're scarred for life. Live with it. Goddamn, that was awesome. And fucked up. A strange mix really....

So, at the end of this weird bombastic cacophony of insanity you can either feel like me. Satisfied and awed but with a weird aftertaste or you can experience something akin to anal rape. There's really nothing in between and that's what makes this a great movie.




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