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We still hate the Renault

So there I was, ordering a spare key from my car fixer and not getting it.  My car had to stay at the fixer for most of the week and I got stuck, once again, in driving a Renault 19.

Now, I've already explained in several articles why I dislike this car but somehow I never felt it did justice to my seething contempt I have for it. So, I figured it might be funny to make a short film about it and luckily I found some characters to do this for me. Perfect!


Tim Wheeler

We told him he could have a fake name and he chose that. Idiot! Anyway, Tim is our car journalist and yes, we have often told him he needs to do something about those huge eyebrows. He says he's keeping them as they scare small children and that amuses him.

The Swig

Our subtle attempts at imitating a popular car show culminate in this character who, in our case is actually a professional car thief. Yes, we travel in strange cirkels. Also, if we ever do something like this again we need to get a better disguise.


I hope this film will once and for all explain my raving dislike for the Renault. I promise I won't bring it up again. Probably.


The Renault still sucks!


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