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Screamers 2: the hunting

I came across the movie 'screamers' a long time ago when it was included in a science fiction pack I purchased. Didn't know what it was other then a movie about murdering robots, which by the very laws of nature is always good.

And now, there is screamers 2, ominously called 'the hunting' which leads me to believe there is some sort of hunt involved. yes, nothing gets by my sharp sense of superhuman perception.

For those uninvolved in the Screamers mythos, the story entails the following. On the remote backwater planet of Sirius B colonists have fought a bloody civil war. A war that was ultimately won by a group of scientists who developed the Screamers, a underground killing machine that's almost impervious to weapons. The scientists are then killed themselves when their creation turns against them and the machines effectively kill all humans. That's the end of movie 1. Number 2 picks up when earth receives a distress signal from Sirius B indicating there are still humans there. A rescue ship is send and a team finds itself surrounded by murder machines.

Ok, so the story is not exactly groundbreaking. We've seen killer machines before and probably better then here. The idea of a small team of humans surrounded by monsters isn't exactly A material either. Seriously, why is there always such a pathetically small number of humans? There's like 6 billion of us, probably more in the future if we stay off the nukes. Why is a team in such movies always comprised of 6 people at the most? Why not send a regiment or something?

Anyway, the team here is mostly made up of stereotypes. We have a black dude (yes, he dies first), a heroic commander, some screaming women and a coward plus some people to fill the ranks. There's not one surprise in character development and the movie has an ending even a mentally retarded goat could see coming miles away. Way to try and end with a twist dudes, if only it wasn't so freaking obvious from the very beginning!

But lets be honest. We don't care about any of these things. What it really comes down to is the robot action. And damn, this movie actually delivers on that end. The murdering screamers have obviously been created on a low budget but even so, they're pretty creepy and badass. The way the things jump from the ground is cool and when they take to turning people into robotic zombies it actually approaches quality horror levels.

In short, I like this movie. It lacks pretensions, it has action and murdering robots. It may not be Starship troopers 1 but its a lot better then Starship troopers 2.





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