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Shotgun rules

Everyone wants to sit up front in a car. It gives you a better view, more leg room and you get to tinker with the radio, whether the owner of the car wants you or not. Its great and its highly contested.

For this reason every car owner is at least vaguely aware of a system known as 'calling shotgun'. Basically its the right of the strongest and quickest where all the passengers get an equal chance to yell out that they want the front seat. Fair and unbiased and usually chaotic as hell. That's why its a good idea to introduce some rules every drunk can remember. I say drunk because that's usually the case. Hehe. Alcohol rules. Gods, I haven't been drunk in days...

Uhm, anyway, here are the laws of calling shotgun. Memorise and use.



First Law of shotgun

Passengers can call front seat by yelling 'shotgun' first




Second law of shotgun


All passengers of a ride are viable to call shotgun once they are all able to see the vehicle in question.



Third law of shotgun


The owner of the vehicle always has the last say in case of doubt. Also, he gets to choose where he sits at all times. Its his car you jerk!


By following these three simple rules you avoid lots of confusion, yelling and throwing of glasses. To conclude, here are a few tips regarding people sitting up front. Not laws. Tips

-People who are close to vomiting should be either left behind or put up front. Its usually easier to get out there.

-Giant people with long flailing arms and idiotic grins should be seated in the back, if only because its funny to see them try to get their ludicrously oversized frames squeezed in there.

-Only put people up front you trust with your radio. Seriously..

-Wish yourself goodluck before each drive. It might help.


Riding shotgun rules!


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