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Being sick sucks!

It took me quite a bit of time to start on this article. That's mostly because I am always reluctant to admit any kin of weakness to anyone (especially if those people can hear what I'm saying)

The truth is, I'm not feeling all that well. I haven't feeling all that well for the past 3 days. I'm obviously not sick or anything cause that would be a flaw and as I've already explained I am flawless. However, the viral and bacterial barbarians are very much at the gates and are doing their damn best to get in. So far my defenses seem to be holding up though.



Yes, that's the idea I get when fighting of a bacterial infection. And why not? Better to think of it as an invasion by bloodthirsty Uruk Hai then as some invisible shapeless objects eating each other in your damn bloodstream. That would be like watching bowls of soup going to war.


Exactly, its silly and it doesn't happen all that often. I'm guessing it will be almost just as rare as Kenya physically urinating all over Norway and when was the last time you have seen that happening?

By now I'm starting to realize that all the gibberish I'm talking is probably coming from a fever. The world is spinning again too.

I suppose the sensible thing would be to stay in bed for the day, watch television and eat chicken soup.


However, that's not gonna happen. I'm gonna get my sorry ass to work and with any luck I'm gonna infect some people. I shall not suffer alone! Bwahahahaha!


Being suck sicks!


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