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Losing to the sisters

I lost a Warhammer 40.000 game to the sisters of battle and for some reason it bugs the hell out of me.

First I should say I don't lose a lot of warhammer 40.000 games. I like to think I'm pretty good at it but its probably also due to the fact that I don't play that often anymore and before this starts looking like a whiny blog I'm moving on.

Now, normally I'm fully prepared to accept defeat at the hands of any army, especially if I was uitgounned, outplayed and the other guy had better luck. It gets a bit difficult though when your opponent has an army entirely composed of women wearing power armor which for some reason makes their boobs look bigger.






My annoyance was then doubled each time I considered I painted the lot for him and I had never lost a game to him before. Unbelievably a full day later it still bugged me and that has never happened before.

Clearly then, something must be done. I have made the following plans:

1. Put more Killer Kans in. The things are awesome at destroying things and scare women.

2. I have more embarrassing photos of Roel, my opponent, then any other living person, including his family. These come from 3 years of spending holidays with the Warhammer club. In a petty act of revenge that only makes sense in my own mind I'm going to post a collection of these pictures. Ha, take that!

This represents about half of my ridiculous pictures of Roel so if I lose another game I got plenty left. Vengeance is mine!


Sisters of battle suck! (they beat me though...)



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