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Smoking and stuff

Smokers annoy me. I don’t mean the regular smokers who are not ashamed for their habit and simply go out and take a cigarette. I mean the smokers who don’t want to be smokers.

 You know them. They’re everywhere. They smoke, they like it. Of course they do, otherwise they’d have quit long ago. Their problem and with it, my problem, is that they’ve convinced themselves its and they really should stop. But they’re to weak to actually stop. And so, they complain about it. They tell people around them constantly about their desire to stop. You know how that goes:

 “ I really should stop.”

 “ I know its bad but I’ve smoked for years. How can I stop?”

 “ Damn, I’m gonna lit another one. “

 Here’s a prime tip for all smokers who want to stop but are to weak to do so: shut the fuck up! You’re either gonna stop or you’re gonna continue. Its all the same to me, my lungs have already been ruined by years of second hand smoking and I didn’t care to begin with. If you don’t blow your disgusting filth in my face or smoke while I’m eating, I don’t give a fuck. Smoke! You know you want to. You don’t have the mental fortitude to stop for any period of time so stop trying! Give in to your weakness, step outside and smoke one. Smoke ten. Smoke a million. Just stop bothering me!


Whining smokers suck!


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