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Steam tank versus Tau Hammerhead!

What happens if a bunch of warhammer playing nuts have nothing better to do?

Ready, aim, FIRE!

Right, they go throw dice for matches that seem hopeless from the start. Cause surely, a warhammer fantasy steamtank can't possible stand against a warhammer 40k Tau hammerhead? (the thing on the right)

You're wrong. The steamtank will make mincemeat of the Tau tank every single time. That's because of conflicting rule systems of course, but it doesn't matter.

The winning factor for the steamtank is that it has 10 wounds and the Tau tank has to shoot it 10 times to kill it. The steamtank on the other hand only has to match the armor value of the Tau thing once and it has a decent chance to crash and burn.

And it did, some 6 consecutive times before we got bored and went on to other things.

The steamtank rules!

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