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Just prior to my vacation in England I thought it might be fun to have some stickers of this website to stick around in Nottingham. For fun and not for anything else. The things cost me 11 euro's per 200 so its not like I'm losing a lot of money or anything. I floss my teeth with 10 euro bills!

Anyway, it looked something like this:


Sorry that this picture is so ridiculously huge but I couldn't make out the text otherwise....

Ok, so the stickers weren't particularly witty or very big (for 11 euro's per 200 what size can you expect?) and I really wasn't expecting much out of it. It it got the attention of a few people, cool. If it got the attention of more people, great.

Hello, new people who haven't been here before!!

So, I check my statistics the day I get back and what do I see?

Uhm... wait. If my average for january to may were 20 visitors per day this would be an increase of some 1000%.

Holy crap! All of a sudden there's hundreds of you people! Aaargh, quit eating up my free bandwith! If I'l have to pay extra for the increased visitors I'll send a bill to each and every one of you. Oh yes, I know where you live. I know all!

At any rate, welcome. Its safer here.

Stickers rule!!



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