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The top 10 movie trailers

I love trailers. They're the main reason I go to the cinema, right after popcorn and the movie itself. The first thing I discuss with whoever I go to the movies after we talked about the main event are the trailers. Anything good? Something we need to go to?

A good trailer makes you want to see the movie in question straight away. its supposed to make you so damn curious that not seeing it becomes an unbearable physical PAIN! At least, that's what they do to me. You don't have that?

Anyway, here are the top 10 trailers I've ever seen. Agree with it, or go straight to the bowels of movie hell.


10. Total Recall

I love this trailer because you can't discern what the story is at all. There are a few vague references to identity erased and so but for the most part they just cue to the action and show lots of violence. For a trailer, that's perfect. Nobody cares about the story at that point., they wanna see action. Plus, Michael Ironside is in it a lot, which is always good.



9. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Of all the 3 Indiana Jones movies (There are 3, no more) this certainly was the funniest, due in no small part to Sean Connery. The trailer is pretty damn funny too, with a lot of the best moments crammed into it. Normally that would not be a good thing but since we've all seen Last Crusade at least a dozen times, does anybody care anymore about spoilers?


8. War of the worlds

I was pretty psyched up about this movie, mainly because of this excellent trailer. It doesn't show anything fancy except destruction and staring people. Suggestion all the way and that's why I wanted to see it and enjoy the awesomeness. Pure because of this trailer. Good stuff.

Too bad the movie turned out to be a rotten piece of shit with Tom Cruise at the top.


7. Cloverfield

This trailer shows you so much, yet reveals almost nothing. It just makes you curious about the monster, about the characters, about everything. That's pretty much what a good trailer is supposed to do.


6. 300

Truth be told, this was one of the more hilarious movies of the past years, mostly because its so very very far over the top. The trailer shows it for what it is, a shouty movie filled with fighting men who, for some reason, forgo on using armor.



5. Lord of the rings: The two towers

Great, if a bit revealing, trailer. It pretty much tells the entire story, tells us what happened in the last movie and neatly reintroduces all characters involved. It also shows the highlight of the movie and has a great soundtrack. What more could you want?

Well, Orlando Bloom could kill himself. That would be nice.


4. Independence Day

This movie, about bashing aliens and an exploding White House didn't have that good a trailer and would never have made it into the list were it not for the British channel E4 who made their own little trailer for showing it on TV. Believe it or not, but it is better then most movie trailer I've seen. Mainly because its freaking hilarious and very very true.....


3. Starship troopers

I admit that Starship Troopers features in pretty much every list I ever write that has to do with movies, but come on! Its just that good!

The reason for its trailer ending this high is two fold. First its so damn militaristic, playing in to every military fantasy every boy and man has ever had. Second, it has classic trailer music and that deep booming voice belonging to a man who could make a coffee commercial cool. Its quick cut, it shows nothing but cool stuff and its just plain awesome.


2. Spiderman 2

2 words for this one: Gregorian singing. You know, a choir of dudes singing things we can't possibly understand in long drawn out voices.  I've been sensitive for Gregorian singing ever since my teacher Medieval ages spend an entire evening talking about it.

In trailers, Gregorian singing becomes nothing less but biblical in the good sense. It makes an epic out of every movie and though it is completely inappropriate for a superhero movie, it doesn't matter because it makes for a trailer that made my skin tingle. Super. 


1. Judgement day

A fake fan made trailer.

A fake trailer has made it to number 1! I would be completely baffled by that fact were it not for the sheer awesomeness of it. It is composed of clips from pretty much every major movie that had aliens and violence in it from the past 10 years. Brilliant!


Made by: TheGameOvails


Trailers rule!


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