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Curses! Another strip by Ctrl+Alt+Del that's not funny. Why is it that every online comic artist starts out unbelievably good and funny and starts going the way of drama with every passing year? Why couldn't he just stay with the great jokes and the shameless merchandising. We liked the shamelessness!

Shameless to the bone.

In order to vent my frustration and kill some time before poker starts I'm gonna make my own web comic. How hard can it be? There seem to be a couple of laws to this business.

1. The main character is usually modeled after the writer/drawing artist himself. In most comics the main character is a bit nuts and that gets him involved in all kinds of wackiness. There, I said wackiness in an article. I can die happy now.

2. There's always the down to earth dude to compensate for the wacky main character. He can be boring at times but usually does mad stuff himself.

3. The setting may take a while to establish but when it does it stays the same forever. For-fucking-ever. Nothing will change ever again even if it means one of the characters having a miscarriage. Ctrl+Alt+Del did that already and boy, was it awkward.

Having established the laws of web comics every smuck can proceed to start one. Talent is not an issue. Can't draw? Use photographs. You're not funny? 90% of the webcomic community isn't. Just steal jokes from other comics. No one cares or notices. Its even done on TV and nobody ever notices. Don't believe me?

And I bet you never noticed!


Now, since I'm a talent less hack who isn't funny I've opted for the photograph comic using an old Ctrl+Alt+Del joke back in the time it was still hilariously funny every single comic. In a spark of originality I have called it "Stolen Jokes." Gods, I'm just a big sack of originality. It features me as a wacky main character who gets into trouble every single comic and somehow stays alive  and I used an old and creepy picture of my buddy Roel to play the down to earth character. I say buddy, but I have a feeling that I will lose the privilege of calling him that if I keep using creepy pictures of him on this website....



Now, to beat you to the punch I'm gonna tell you what sucks about it before you even had the chance to figure that out yourself.

-Even for talentless hackery the characters look terrible.

-I made a spelling mistake

-Its blurry as fuck.

-The text balloons suck.

-The title sucks

-Its not nearly as funny as the original.

So its a complete dismal failure which means I am now part of the web comic community. Hurrah!


Web comics suck!


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