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Lonely in the World of Warcraft

Well, its good to see that I apparently have not yet reacehd the absolute depth of my insanity just yet. I have now begun to experience feelings in world of warcraft I have never felt in my entire life before. Normally that might be good but these are feelings that I would normally mock people for. Actual human feelings they invented psychiatry for. Crap, I don't like those feelings.

Most annoyingly is the sense of loneliness I get when I'm questing by myself. There are times on days when I'm off I think I can do some gaming and relax. But obviously my overactive mind, already driven to overheating by the sheer heat in my room and the lack of iron in my blood (aneamia's big return!) can't let me just relax. It has to drive me mad with idiocy until I give up and go back to drinking again. At least then my stupid brain shuts the fuck up.

WoW loneliness manifests in all kinds of interesting ways. I can try out new characters, see if anyone is on line incessantly or even send text messages to people I know to see if they wanna play.

It gets worse though.

Today  I found myself reading the same NPC crap 3 times. Long boring stories with no real relevance cause there's been an expansion pack and it has all been resolved already. Goodie!

Oh Gods, shut the fuck up!

By the grace of the booze gods I also found myself out of alcohol and utterly devoid of good games to play or good movies to watch so I was moving on. desperate for some relaxation a game is supposed to provide. But it became clear that the combination of my aneamia and the soaring room temperature was capable of more then just frustration. I was getting desperate.

Then, I saw the baffling number of quests still waiting for me in those goddamn plaguelands

Fuck me sideways! That might take me the rest of eternity! An eternity of questing alone while the people I used to quest with play monopoly or entertain visitors!

I had to get out. Escape from the heat, the lack of iron in my blood, the voices in my head screaming to get back to the computer. Stay the fuck out of my head! Aaaargh!!


World of warcraft still sucks!



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