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The archetypical Bond movie. The one where he fought against armies of badguys with ninja’s at his side to prevent nuclear war caused by a villain who stole spaceships.

 Goddamn, this movie rocks. Its so awesome it transcends the usual barriers of time and continues to be awesome right to this day. No matter that it was made in 1967, its still a hell of a lot better then most action movies made in 2008.

 So, where to begin? Bond gets called in after a US spacecraft was stolen from space. The US blames the soviet union (who, back in 1967 were still awesome) and threatens to drop bombs. The soviets, who also lose a spaceship, throw the threat right back at the Yanks and it’s the job of the English secret service to prevent war and find the organization behind the impending doom.

 Sean Connery rocks. From the very first scene right to the end he’s just the epitome of cool English badassness and I know that’s not a word but it’s the only one that fits him. In this movie he was so used to being Bond that he got it perfectly right. The perfect combination between the English gentlemen and the tough brawler who could punch someone and make it believable. Oh and drink Martini's.

 Also, there are ninja’s on Bond side which boost his already considerable coolness to astronomic heights. The assault on the badguy’s fortress by 100 ninja’s is nothing short of epic and has been imitated by other movies dozens of times but never equaled.

 For a flick from 1967 its unbelievably action packed, making it very much timeless. Chases with helicopters, car chases, fistfights, full scale war, this movie has it all and in very good doses. Every scene has a clear purpose to move the story forward or to emphasize Bond’s coolness. Every fight is ended with a classic Bond one liner. He gets every girl he goes after. Truly, a cooler movie character has never been created and will probably never be created ever again.

-Badass script

-cool badguy

-Sean Connery


 Bond rules.


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