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Carnaval 2009

Holy crap. Carnival has passed. I was still in this goddamn country during the whole run of it and I wasn't killed or physically harmed in any way!

Mentally, that's different.

Carnaval is more of an assault on the mind then it is on the body although it can do both. At some point it becomes necessary and even essential to just turn your brain off and go with the flow. On saturday I managed to do this for quite some time, got drunk and listened to carnivalised versions of good music. For God's sake people how many songs that feature the words lalalala can you churn out??

Anyway, my first breaking point came when some of our party decided to walk outside and not return after whcih we all thought it a good idea to follow and be stuck outside because a massive carpet of people had already formed blocking our way back in. Our way back in was blocked by idiots. Blue painted idiots, everywhere! I may have been a bit cranky at that moment as we stood there, waiting to be let into the bar we had already been for 4 hours. Oh joy.

Luckily, the food afterwards was good and I still had sunday to look forward too. Sunday, day of days, was spent with a headache and I'm denying everything that may have happened on it. Its the easiest solution. Luckily, I got to drink more beer that evening surrounded by yet more carnival celebrating lunatics. Oh double joy of goddamn hell spawned cursed joy!

Ok, I do seem to be managing a smile for the picture. Sort off. But my lack of alcohol is really starting to tell here. Amazingly, 8 beer, 3 tequila shots and more Flugel shots then I could count didn't get me drunk enough to fully enjoy carnival in the ways everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I was thankful enough nobody tried to get me into a polonaise because I would have punched that person and I'm in no way violent or even strong enough to be violent against anyone more sober then me.

In all honesty, the boozing was what kept me going in the seething ocean of carnaval related stupidity. I'm guessing that booze is basically yhe fuel and oil of this whole celebration.

Nobody understands what the hell carnaval is about. Nobody gives a crap about it either. Nobody knows why they're dressing up. They all just come to drink and drink more. Drink until they're stupid. Drink until they pass out. Drink until they're too drunk to notice how stupid the music is or how vomit covered the floor is or how ugly the girl they're talking to is.

Huh, makes me wonder why I don't like this party more...


Carnival still somehow sucks!


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