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Picture of the day

Technology is great isn't it?

Man can go to the moon. Man can invent cars that go over 300 miles per hour. Man can build machines to devastate entire city blocks in seconds. Man can invent an adhesive powerful enough to put bricks together yet safe enough to leave it in the hands of minors. Ocean liners, mile high towers, super highways, text messaging, HD television. The list goes on.

Its not hard to see why we're moving on to more redundant and useless technology. Apparently, all the cool stuff has been invented already! So the next logical step is to go back and rake up some stuff we already knew about and pretend its new.

We see this going on in telephones in particular. For some reason, some schmuck at some time decided it was a great idea to put a camera in a mobile phone and so the travesty of mobile photography began. It has gone from bad to worse. I was of course happy to jump on this bandwagon and send my stream of bad/funny/stupid/insulting pictures into the world.

I own a Samsung D900. It has a 3.0 megapixel camera. From this day you can see what kind of pictures I take with it at the 'picture of the day' section. You can find this by clicking on the scales logo, which you can also find on the main page. I'll update that section periodically but mostly its meant for those desperate and hopeless characters who need still more stuff to gawk at. Well, let the gawking commence.

I just gave you more stuff to look at! You can either enjoy it or you can hate it. Its all the same to me.



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