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Alcohol redemption


Lately it happens quite a lot that people start talking to me about articles on this site, especially when they feature in them.

One such person was Harm (yes, I know that's a funny name in English). Recently he refused to come and have a drink with the rest of his colleagues and so I formed the theory of


Harm was less then amused, upset that I had accused him of not liking beer. He wasn't bothered with the fact that I had called him a woman and a eunuch, just that I had said that he didn't like beer.

That gives a man quite some credit where I'm involved and I so I offered him a chance for redemption. That Thursday he would show his worth in an all out Jumbo style booze fest.


Suffice to say, beer was drunk. By all of us. Things seemed good. Right until we decided to get a pizza and call it a night. I mentioned to harm that I still needed a picture and this is what he did:



To my shock and amazement I had been the only one who had ordered a beer. Just for this picture he swiped it and gave his most drunken face he could come up with.


Well, first of all, that's not a drunken face. This on the other hand is:



Second, you don't steal a man's beer just for a picture you beer-hating female eunuch!


However, I don't blame Harm. I blame the





The Armagedrunk still sucks!



PS: If you are Harm the click here. If you're not, go away


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