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Archive of February

I actually did a lot of work this month. I finally did all the work that makes me a graduate in history. This turns me from a student into someone who is unemployed.

Great, I feel a lot worse now.

Ah screw it, just read the damn articles.


Being sick sucks! (29-2-07)

Steamtank vs Tau Hammerhead (29-2-07)

All blondes extinct? (26-2-07)

Atheism or theism? (26-2-07)

Stargate comic! (25-2-07)

Odd stuff in WoW (25-2-07)

Afternoon rituals (22-2-07)

Good times (22-2-07)

The first steps (21-2-07)

Sweet Mozes, I'm playing world of warcraft! (21-2-07)

More Graham Chapman! (20-2-07)

The Ghent experience (20-2-07)

My brain still hurts! (19-2-07)

Leave of absence (15-2-07)

Frames (14-2-07)

Moving beer through a crowd (11-2-07)

A night at Paradiso (11-2-07)

Kraven or Craven? (10-2-07)

Unit champion! (9-2-07)

English words of legend (8-2-07)

Preparing for the Blues brothers (6-2-07)

Why it still sucks that Graham Chapman is dead (5-2-07)

The modern stylish peasant (5-2-07)

You want your own opinion? Learn to defend it! (2-2-07)




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