The wonders of november 2006

What else can be said about november 2006 other then that it was a good month? I hardly felt the need to bitch about stuff and the latest James Bond movie turned out all right! We also had the warmest month in a long time, meaning that our efforts of warming this damn cold planet up are finally starting to pay off. At the end of it all, my throat is sore because of last week's drinking, my computer is devoid of virtual memory thanks to Mark of chaos and I have mere weeks left to finish my scripture. Excellent......

This is the archive of this glorious month. Read it and be entertained.


Beer ape (29-11-06)

Wasting bandwith (29-11-06)

Leave glass inside? (28-11-06)

Daniel Craig (27-11-06)

Sideburns (26-11-06)

German champaign (26-11-06)

Existentialism (26-11-06)

Fake (26-11-06)

Keith Olberman (23-11-06)

A man's manual (23-11-06)

The saints are leaving (23-11-06)

Alternate religion (21-11-06)

Uncle Sam again (19-11-06)

War on Christmas (19-11-06)

Lazy (17-11-06

The Tick (17-11-06)

Belgium (17-11-06)

Beer (14-11-06)

The terrible thunderlizards (14-11-06)

War of the worlds  (13-11-06)

Uncle Sam  (13-11-06)

Old cartoons (13-11-06)

Dumb people (11-11-06)

Infant hell  (10-11-06)

The invasion  (10-11-06)

Drinking during work  (10-11-06)

Bubblegum apocalypse  (10-11-06)

Getting started  (10-11-06)



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