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Archive August to oktober 2008

Time for an archive update. Things have been hectic and its much easier to just don't archive stuff and let it build up in the 'new' section until it rots.


SS Doomtrooper (7-10-08)

Death Race (3-10-08)

Webcomics (30-9-08)

Guitar music (29-9-08)

Classroom apocalypse (24-9-08)

4 Reasons why its a bad idea to add a forum to your website (21-9-08)

D-war (18-9-08)

McCain will win. I just know it. (16-9-08)

Large Hadron Collider Rap (14-9-08)

The world has not been destroyed! (11-9-08)

The Zebra Festival 2008, part 4 (8-9-08)

Parking regulating evil! (7-8-08)

The Zebra Festival 2008, part 3 (31-8-08)

Starship Troopers 3 (29-8-08)

Badass Berettas (25-8-08)

The Zebra festival 2008, part 2 (24-8-08)

The dark knight (19-8-08)

The Zebra festival 2008, part 1 (19-8-08)

The sticker campaign and its results (7-08-08)

I'm sorry Anton!! (6-8-08)

Vacation!! (27-7-08)

Darkwing Duck quotes (27-7-08)

Top 10 movie trailers (23-7-08)

Black sheep (23-7-08)

Planet Terror (21-7-08)

Horrors of war!! (20-7-08)

Hancock (19-7-08)

Poker diaries, Turkish edition! (18-7-08)

 There was a pigeon on my room and he crapped on my expensive Forge world model. (16-7-08)

 Spritzwasser! (15-7-08)

 Don S Davis is dead! (11-7-08)

 Probably the best commercial ever made (7-7-08)

 Hulk smash!! (2-7-08)

 The madness of Mr T (1-7-08)

 The renaaauuult returns! (24-6-08)

 Following the paper trail (18-6-08)

 A lunatic and a camera (15-6-08)

 The 8 most awesome movies ever to get out of   Hollywood (9-6-08)

 The not-quite-so-sucking version of War of the  Worlds! (3-6-08)


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