December 2006

The final month of 2006 wasn't all bad. I got to read the most violent and insane comic ever written by man, newly discovered the glories of jazz music and played company of heroes to the point of breaking the cd. Let the good times roll.

Anyway, this is the archive of the last month of the year. Commence reading!


Christian rock, the march of mediocrity (28-12-06)

More beer philosopy! (28-12-06)

Tombstone! (28-12-06)

Bah, humbug! (26-12-06)

Christmas, anyone up for a winter solstice party? (25-12-06)

The proper way to stare in the abyss (23-12-06)

Blood (22-12-06)

666, lock away your children! (22-12-06)

Wii, something that makes people like golf must be evil (21-12-06)

The great useless update (21-12-06)

Technology, why did we do it? (17-12-06)

Blogging, the endless streams of dribble (17-12-06)

Ducosim sucked (16-12-06)

Rule Brittania (15-12-06)

Early pay! (14-12-06)

Revolution! (14-12-06)

Good idea, Bad idea (14-12-06)

guestbook? (12-12-06)

Sideburns update (12-12-06)

Genetic memory (12-12-06)

Cool characters in crappy shows (10-12-06)

Temptation nonsense (9-12-06)

Driving in Florida (9-12-06)

The march of stupidity (8-12-06)

Solomon Burke (7-12-06)

Best nation ever (7-12-06)

True men (6-12-06)

Going back (6-12-06)

Next stop: Berlin (6-12-06)

Rapmusic (4-12-06)

Psychic blabla (3-12-06)

Why this website looks like crap (2-12-06)

Beer philosophy (2-12-06)


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