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Archive November 2008 to june 2009

An eventful period to be sure. My teaching job forced me to cut down on my updates which naturally led to a loss of visitors. I think. Strato has made it impossible to check the number of people checking this site for a while so I really don't know.

So, to the handful of people who still check now and then, enjoy the random stuff.


Starship troopers. Again.

Sometimes, you just have to make your point clear.




Scary movie 4

An old movie but I'm still reviewing it because I'm ANGRY.




Megashark vs Giant octopus

A preview of a movie I desperately want to see. (21-5-09)


25 observations about another teacher's lesson

Oh look, not a movie review



Kirk is back!



X-men: Wolverine

The stuff of awesome.



Screamers 2

Robotic zombies and giant insects. The best of like, three worlds!


The long journey home

A story with meat, witches and zombie robots. (27-3-09)


New WoW madness

 Pushing the frontiers of human stupidity



Dragonball: Evolution

    I really hate it. Crap, a spoiler!



Alcoholic philosophy

Drinking on thursday, working on friday. Oi......




Not again..




Oh God, it hurts!!


Babylon AD

Vin Fucking Diesel!



The big screen

Hail the screen!




A friday night well spent...


Machine girl

Barbecue and insane Japanese revenge movies. An average friday night.


Carnaval 2009

No escape this time...



Why the Dutch educational system sucks.


And how I managed to get a picture of a keg of beer in there.  (20-2-09)

Who gets the double bed?

Houston, we have a problem



Teaching on monday

Its great!!






History teachers

And Indy too.




Carnaval cometh

Oh joy.......




OMG, Tom Cruise and nazi's!




Free rock but no beer..



Painkillers & Fever dreams

Being sick sucks!




Posted same article twice

Lack of alc


ohol sucks!


New year resolutions!!

Its late, its pointless. We know. (10-1-09)


Utterly random

Everyone loves random e-mails, right? (6-1-09)


Server change

Renault sucks, the movie.

We're really pushin


g the frontiers of idiocy now! (3-1-09)

2008 is over!

Quick, bury the evidence!



Lost to sisters

And somehow, it really bugs me....




Bankers release sneering song

Well, its official. They're jerks .


The day the earth stood still

Dumbass aliens and murderous swarms.  (22-12-08)

5 traffic situations that will drive you insane!

Murder is in the air.


GI Joe: the movie

Coming soon, oh gods don't fuck it up...



Futurama: the beast with a billion backs


In the name of the king

The peasant does not aprove!


40 inspirational video's in 2 minutes

Lets murder the English!!


The assasination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford.



The church of satan


Red alert 3

Boobs! Oh, and a game too


Thanks for Smoking



5 fun facts you learn when you're a teacher.


Quantum of solace



The laws of Riding Shotgun


Updates commencing again,starting HERE


 Smokers (30-10-08)

 Armageddon (27-10-08)

 5 ludicrously influential books, that are actually awful to  read. (24-10-08)

 You only live twice (23-10-08)

 Buying a new computer (16-10-08)

 5 ways we screw with mother nature (15-10-08)

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